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WELcome to iJudo club

iJudo Club welcomes all ages and abilities regardless if you are a first

timer or an advance student. The club is a newly opened club owned

and operated by Dennis Iverson who has been involved in the sport for

over 25 years. The club is run with the philosophies of the inventor of

Judo and the International Judo Federation's Moral Code as listed below.

  • FRIENDSHIP - It's the purist of all human feelings
  • SINCERITY - It's talking without falsehood
  • HONOUR - It's is keeping your word
  • MODESTY - It's talking about oneself without pride
  • RESPECT - It's instilling confidence.
  • POLITENESS - It's respecting other people
  • CONTROL OF ONESELF - It knows how to keep your anger in check
  • COURAGE - It's doing what is right